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Reverse Diabetes in Thin Diabetics

Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery — a proven surgical option for controlling and to reverse diabetes — not only for obese patients, but also for thin diabetics.

Eighteen-year-old Myra barely out of junior college, was diagnosed with diabetes requiring regular medicines and restrictive lifestyle changes. Married at the early age of 19 years, her blood sugar levels went up during her 1st pregnancy requiring regular insulin injections besides tablets. Four years later, she continued to require high doses of insulin tablets and still could not enjoy food or travel with her husband due to associated restrictions – there was no hope for reverse diabetes. A depressed Myra heard about metabolic surgery and approached doctors with her family members. Tall at 163 cms, Myra was just 76 kgs with a BMI of 28. She had consulted her physician for a surgical option and was told that surgery is only effective in grossly obese persons. Both families (in-laws and parents) were extremely concerned about their 24-year-old young girl (mother of a 4-year-old herself) and had hundreds of questions to ask about suitability, safety, fertility and quality of life after surgery.

After multiple consultations and counselling sessions, she underwent a gastric bypass in March 2016. Within a month, she was off insulin and did not require blood sugar testing before each meal – reverse diabetes! This was the moment she was waiting for as she could travel without blood testing kits, insulin injections or diabetes medicines and could eat at anytime of her choice, shares the Metabolic Surgeon.

Her HbA1c has dropped to non-diabetic range of <6. She has lost around 16 kgs in the last 2 years and has reached her ideal weight. Contrary to impression, post metabolic patients do not lose excessive weight.

Myra now leads a healthier life and doctors have encouraged her to start regular exercise, which in the long term helps in weight maintenance.

Causes of high blood sugar in lean people are usually due to factors such as genetics, fatty liver, inflammation, autoimmunity and stress.

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