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Is it Safe for Diabetics to Use Steroid Creams Everyday?

steroid creams

Steroid creams and ointments suppress inflammation, redness, itching, heat, blisters and weeping in eczema, dermatitis, allergies, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Ointments are thicker and help to rehydrate dry skin, although creams are cosmetically preferable as they rub in well.

So, what are the direct effects of topical steroid creams on blood glucose levels and glycemic control among diabetic patients? In diabetic patients it appears to increase blood glucose levels and interfere with glycemic control. Steroids can make it hard for the cells in your body to use insulin, thereby causing too much sugar in your blood – there is a significant increase in blood glucose levels in diabetics, in individuals with impaired glucose tolerance or pre-diabetics.

Steroids tend to increase the insulin resistance, causing your insulin (natural or injected insulin) to labour less effectively in the body and glucose levels naturally build up in the blood. Steroids can also set-off your liver to release extra glucose, which directly leads to higher glucose levels in the blood.

Although these steroid creams contain much lower doses than steroid tablets, they can still have side effects. Overused, they can cause skin redness and thinning, especially in babies, small children and the elderly, in areas where skin is thinnest, such as the face, neck and especially eyelids, or in skin creases, such as the groin or under the breasts. Steroid creams come in four strengths mildly potent (such as hydrocortisone), moderately potent, (such as Eumovate), potent (such as Betnovate) and very potent (such as Dermovate — overuse can even suppress your adrenal glands).

It’s generally safest to use them thinly, only once or twice daily and for short periods of time. Your doctor can give you precise advice about where and how to apply them, how long for and when and how to use stronger and/or longer treatment, which is occasionally required — and how much to apply at all ages.

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