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New to Diabetes Care
Understanding and knowing the risks

The Face Of A New Revolution. Diabetes Care.

New to Diabetes Care
No More ‘Sadi-betes’
Our family members set about the huge task of finding out: – what is diabetes?  We researched the types of diabetes and the signs of diabetes. Having changed our diet to sugar-free food with less carbohydrates and even more fresh vegetables, we saw the symptoms of diabetes more or less disappear. Of course, my daughter was also on medication but she had more energy.
Diabetic food does not include very sweet fruit like chikoo, custard apples or mangoes. It was a challenge finding alternative food for diabetic patients, I will not deny. On the other hand, there are very good foods for diabetics like jamuns, mangosteen peel powdered and coconut flower tea. We got used to using these in creative ways. We tried to have a very positive attitude to the challenge of the diet for diabetic patients. The fact that my daughter was so young added an extra level of difficulty because she tended to want the foods that her friends were eating. Once in a way, I gave her chocolate for diabetics or sugar-free cookies. Those were always happy occasions.
New to Diabetes Care
We can dia-beat-this!
We always kept her medicine in the fridge. We always checked the use by date. We were very careful when we planned outings. We needed to make sure that we would take enough vials of insulin for the trip. We used one of those insulated beer bags that keep the contents cool. Spontaneous, unprepared and unplanned outings are not beneficial in diabetes care. Still we became good at juggling the difficulties with our need to have fun and for her need to lead a happy childhood.
Diabetics need to take care not to cut themselves because one of the symptoms of diabetes is that wounds and infections have difficulty healing and sometimes cause serious symptoms. Whenever there was a nick or a cut anywhere we applied turmeric powder to that area to treat the problem holistically. Supreme care must be taken when cutting finger nails or toe nails, for example. For one thing, we made sure that my daughter wore good shoes so her feet would not get injured and we tried to keep her supplied with diabetic food as snacks in-between proper meals. The going was tough because we were so inexperienced.
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