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Hobbies are activities that are productive as well as enjoyable. They keep one occupied; both at the physical level as well as, are mentally stimulating.
“Hobbies can be thought of on 3 levels” says psychologist Michael Brickley, Ph.D, and the author of the book “Defying Aging”. At the first level, hobbies can be seen as a diversion. They help us pass time. At the next level, hobbies are viewed as a passion. When a hobby becomes a passion, one truly becomes engaged in doing something that one loves. At the third level, a hobby is something that creates a sense of purpose. According to Dr. Brickley, an ideal hobby combines all 3 levels.
There are very few hobbies which diabetics cannot pursue. Depending on the type of diabetes one has, one can pursue n number of hobbies which are conducive to their specific illness type. Also one needs to take into account ones area of interest as well as ones physical limitations and then choose a hobby that’s fits both criteria.
Listed below are 10 hobby choices that a diabetic patient can choose from:
1. Gardening A person who enjoys the outdoors and likes to potter around plants can do this. Also helps your vitamin D levels thereby rescuing you from future medical complications and injections.
2. Poetry- Learn to get good with words, prose and rhymes. Anyone can write poetry for magazines or join a poetry recitation club or publish your own blog.
3. Writing editorials- Anyone with good command over language and who enjoys writing can further this interest by writing short stories, online editorials for magazines or publish your own blog!
4. Learning a specific dance style- Tango, jazz, this is a great way to meet people and exercise.
5. Yoga- Will improve your flexibility and balance. The stretching will also benefit not only muscles but also mental health. Once you get good at Yoga, you can teach it to others.
6. Calligraphy- If you have neat and beautiful handwriting you can enroll in calligraphy classes.
7. Photography- An avid interest in photography could propel one to take advanced courses, or learn it from scratch. Then publish them to a blog with the opportunity to sell them online.
8. Bird-watching- A nature enthusiast can join a club of like-minded people and cultivate this interest. This is a very therapeutic and relaxing way to fill the hours.
9. Embroidery – A person with nimble hands and a keen sense of color and design can pursue this hobby. These make perfect gifts for the people you love.
10. Knitting – All you knit is love and you can develop a small knitting group!
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