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Diabetes self-care and meditation

If Your Ego Is Bigger Than Your Logo, Meditate.

The word meditation originated from two Latin words: meditari, meaning “to think, to dwell upon, to exercise the mind,” and mederi, meaning “to heal.”
The practice of meditation is centuries old and is still practiced today by many people from diverse cultures all around the world. Current studies indicate that meditation not only helps to calm and focus the mind, but it is very advantageous for the body as well. For instance, meditation has been known to decrease high blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk heart attacks. Many people adopt meditation as a tool to help deal with a specific health problem such as chronic pain or to get through a time of personal crisis. Others are simply looking for a better way to deal with regular life stresses and to help them relax. The value of meditation is measured in how you are able to use it and if it makes a difference in your life.
Stress presents 2 problems for diabetics: stress increases blood sugar levels, and we most often engage in behaviors that are not conducive for our health. When stressed, we may tend to indulge in foods that are high in carbohydrates, or sit on the couch glued to the TV, instead of exercising. So, basically stress makes us less disciplined and more self-indulgent.
Research indicates that regularly practicing meditation helps people to lessen their bodies’ reactions to stress, which results in reduced blood pressure, slower heart rate, and lowered oxygen intake. This in turn is more likely to lower blood glucose levels.
Those who understand themselves better and are well equipped to deal with stressful life events, have a better chance of living with diabetes, in relation to controlling diabetes and general quality of life. Diabetes self-care and meditation, both require discipline and commitment. But, if practiced diligently and properly, the advantages are manifold.
Lesser stress, better effective diabetes control, lower blood pressure, decreased blood sugar levels, greater self-awareness, enhanced relationships, better focus in other areas of your life and less depression or anxiety are all prospective benefits of including meditation in your life.
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