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Pet Therapy Benefit Diabetics.

Pet Therapy for Diabetics
No More ‘Sadi-betes’

Caring for a pet is something everyone should do once in their life. The joy and unconditional love one gets from pets is something that cannot be expressed, only experienced. What pet one keeps is not important, it could be a dog, cat, hamster or even a tortoise!

Pet Therapy for Diabetics 1
The chronic disease epidemic of the 21st century.

Pets come with some powerful mental and physical health benefits for diabetics. Benefits of pet therapy are many:

  • 1. Stress busters- Caring for them, grooming them, petting them and talking to them is very therapeutic for diabetics. They use them as a sounding board and talk to them without any fear of criticism and judgment.
  • 2. A great reason to exercise- Physical activity can help you maintain that which is vital in controlling blood-sugar levels for type 2 diabetics. Taking your dog for a walk or exercising your cat is a fun way to exercise, stay fit and keep blood sugar under control.
  • Pet Therapy for Diabetics 2
    We can dia-beat-this!
  • 3. Sense of responsibility- caring for a pet is hard work and gives a sense of responsibility. When you get a pet, the pet’s welfare is solely dependent on you. One needs time to attend to the pet’s needs and therefore have less time to dwell on their own condition. There is a higher level of commitment on part of the patient that translates into better diabetes management.
  • 4. Enjoy better health- Diabetics with pets are healthier than diabetics who do not have pets as they reap the benefits of pet therapy.
  • 5. Help meet new people- having a pet is an instant icebreaker. For diabetics, this is very helpful because some diabetics tend to withdraw socially as a result of their condition.
  • 6. Having a pet opens up new avenues of communication and interaction for them that helps in diabetes management.

E120 – How Pets Benefit People with Diabetes –

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