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Physical Benefits of Restorative Yoga

No more ‘sadi-betes’
More than just stretching and toning the physical body.

It’s important to understand that most of the things you do in your daily life can lead to imbalances in the body. The repetition of everyday life, in both physical and nonphysical ways, can send our bodies out of alignment very easily. Whenever you move, you create opportunities for your body to become out of alignment. Active people often create imbalances in their body from overuse — for example, golfers tend to have back and arm issues. Simple motions we do every day can cause imbalances, too — for example, mothers are prone to back issues because they often carry a baby on one hip.

Yoga can benefit people of all shapes and sizes.

However, the same opportunities for imbalance exist even when you don’t move. Diabetic or inactive people foster imbalances through the “use it or lose it” concept: Spending long hours at a desk will cause hunched shoulders and tight neck muscles. For those with moderate to severe physical impairments, no matter how they’re caused, physical activity can become nearly impossible. People suffering from injuries such as a torn rotator cuff, torn tendon, or tennis elbow can find a traditional yoga practice impossible.

Sufferers of chronic diseases such as arthritis and neuropathy of the limbs can also find physical activity unbearable. Restorative yoga helps to counteract all of these movements, and “restore” the body to balance. The practice is beneficial because restorative yoga works in a passive, not active, manner and it places your body in shapes that are effective on both a physical and emotional level, without strain.

Why should you try a restorative yoga class?

Even if yoga is not your usual thing, restorative yoga is a great addition to your physical well-being. Many of us do not take the time to restore our muscles; we just work them until one day they tell you where to go! Practicing restorative yoga can keep you from injuring yourself and it is a great way to loosen the muscles that get tight from overuse. Sequences that help heal specific physical (and emotional) ailments, are just some of the overall physical benefits of restorative yoga.

  1. Restores you after surgery
  2. Prevents disease
  3. Helps relieve women’s issues
  4. Helps relieve cold and flu symptoms
  5. Provides headache relief
  6. Provides relief from carpal tunnel syndrome
  7. Helps reduce obesity
  8. Relieves sciatica
  9. Relieves symptoms from spinal cord injuries
  10. Gives you more energy

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