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Pilates to Supercharge Your Diabetic Health

If you don’t take a chance, you haven’t got one!

Pilates helps to control your diabetes, as it helps to control your glycaemia, increases your cardiovascular health, increases your sensitivity to insulin, whilst reducing body fats – it also reduces your blood pressure and high blood sugar – by burning calories quite easily.

The beauty of Pilates is its versatility. It’s great for all ages and you can adapt it to make it more intense and dynamic, or slow the pace to make it more focused on flexibility.

“I was a qualified osteopath and fitness instructor when I first came across Pilates about 15 years ago. The class I saw at a fitness convention included balance balls, but Pilates doesn’t have to be done with a ball you can use other props, such as weights, bands and machines, or you can do it without using anything.”

Pilates moves strengthen the whole body, with particular emphasis on the core. After I’d learned the basics, I was hooked. It changes the way you perceive your body, the way you move, even the way you exercise. You learn exactly which muscles to activate to do a specific movement and it helps to prevent injuries.

Due to the fact that it’s slow and very controlled, Pilates helps you strengthen your deep postural muscles, which can keep your posture more aligned.

Most people come to a Pilates class because of a problem, typically back pain or as part of recovery from an knee injury. Some come along because they need to strengthen their spine or be stronger or have greater flexibility. Pilates is also great at preventing problems.

If you’re trying it for the first time, it’s best to have an instructor leading you so you learn how to do the movements properly. Once you’ve learnt the moves, you can incorporate them into your daily routine. Just doing Pilates two or three times a week can make a real difference.

E299 – Supercharge Your Diabetic Health with Pilates –

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