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Yoga RA Has Got Me Moving Again

Yoga RA was introduced to me when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in my early 40s. I was already diabetic when I had a very severe flare-up. I was bedridden for six months, could barely lift my arms and needed help dressing. My consultant said I’d probably be in a wheelchair within three years.

I’d only practised yoga briefly in my teens. Once I was on medication for my RA and I started moving a bit, I decided to explore yoga further to see whether it might help, like it had in the past. I tried Iyengar yoga, which uses everyday props, such as belts, chairs and yoga bricks; accessible to everyone, regardless of health, fitness or flexibility. The more I did yoga RA, the more movement I got back. Now I look forward to it daily and I do it 360 days out of 365.

The change it made to my life has been amazing. I’m not claiming that yoga cured my RA. Yoga does not cure diseases. I still have RA, but it has put me back together. It has made me well again. I’ve got about 90% of my movement back.

You don’t need to be a fanatic, like me, to benefit from lyengar yoga. Doing it once a week for 40 minutes or a few minutes every day can help with flexibility, movement and joint health.

I still have flare-ups and I’m on RA medication, but I’ve avoided joint replacements and I don’t need painkillers. My flexibility is great again.

Having initiated that change in my life with a disciplined exercise routine, the universe rewarded me. I had to take early retirement from my school teaching career, so I started teaching yoga to local classes instead and I’ve now set up an online yoga school. Yoga got my health back on track and it also gave me a fresh start in life. At the age of 64, I’m online! This is somebody who didn’t have Facebook or know Instagram!

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